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7Digital Solutions® is meant to enable 7 primary digital solutions, specific to the cleint's needs.
A ISO 9001:2015 certified operations, 7Digital Solutions(7DS)® is a firm globally headquartered in India engaged in the services primarily related to International Domain Names Registrations and Brand Monitoring Services. It is the operating arm of Vaibhav Mobile Teleshoppe Pvt. Ltd. & VetBRAINS® dot com which is an enterpirse started in the year 2002, in India. 7DS is part of the Blade-BRAINS Group®, Global.
Vaibhav Aggarwal
Vaibhav AggarwalFounder & Directorva@7digital.solutions
Founded in the year 2008 by Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal on the Web, in New Delhi, India from a humble out of home office, 7Digital.Solutions® has went on to become a respected digital enterprise, making available the intellect, know-how and the execution expertise for digitally managing & services.
We have on board, the expertise in International Business Development, Client Servicing & Operations, which enabled 7Digital Solutions® not just reach out to unexplored territories but efficiently think out of box with respect to the client's project deliveries & of course made the team more creative.

7Digital Solutions® is in relationship management – with its customers, their businesses. Clients are able to translate their vision through interaction with 7Digital Solutions® following the comprehensive process of brain-storming session, web design / content questionnaire, design draft reviews, prototype submission with final delivery as per the time line agreed in the beginning of project.

We believe that transparency offered by us excites you enough to reach 7Digital Solutions® directly at contact@7digital.solutions Rest assured; one of our executives would contact you within 24-hours for a free-consultation session!

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Fact And Truth

Facts are always constant. Only idea is to look for them in the right places. At 7DS, we will always be straight forward in our billing approach and our recomendations.

A Brief History Of Creation

We definitly live in the present, but never forget what is the history behind the present. So with a positive approach, we created a corporate partner for managing digital assets, protecting brand, & IP.

Always Look On The Bright Side

If there are some services which are not available and the workstill needs to be done, Team 7DS is proactive in offering a solutions and addressing the Gaps.

The Importance Of Human Life

At 7DS we respect both our Team's Life (personal as well as professional) and our customer's life (both human and business) will never be put at risk for the want of a service delivery.

Enlightenment Is Not One State

Customer Care is very important to us at 7DS. We will endure to create a win-win for both the Service provider (7DS) and the customer (You) in the instant.

5 Reasons To Shop with 7DS

Attitude, Commitment, Care & Sensitivity, Time Driven, Result Oriented. We will deliver if we commit. Team 7DS will work with you, on your side, not just be a service provider. But an Extented Arm !

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Rewards & Recognition

Best IT Company - Corporate Domain Names & Management 2020-21-22

Innovation & Reliability and trust. The 7Digital Solutions® team was recognised by the National Ability Awards™ leading international awards which recognises the determination and efforts of enterprises and individuals for their contributions to the industry & its development. The Team 7DS was recognised as a leading and recognised technology solutions provider for enablement of businesses online in the changing landscpae. 

Kudos Team 7DS !

Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Brand - 7DigitalSolutions®

This is where 7Digital Solutions (7DS), the most trusted global dot brand domain strategist, can assist you with its uniquely extensive services such as International Domain Registrations, Corporate Domain Name Management, Worldwide Brand Protection Services, International Trademarks, Hosting, and Worldwide Services Since 2006, Security (SSL) Certificates, and Domain Name Acquisitions.

7DS was founded by Mr Vaibhav Aggarwal (Tiger), the Founder and Director, in the early 2000s in New Delhi, with a vision to take businesses online in order for them to reach to newer markets and larger target audiences spread globally.

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Vaibhav Aggarwal : The Farsighted Innovator Transforming Businesses in India





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Leaders at 7DS

Mr. L.N.Aggarwal
Mr. L.N.AggarwalInvestor, Mentor & Directorlna@bladebrains.com
Ms. Charu Lata
Ms. Charu LataCreative & Director & inspirationcharu.lata@bladebrains.com
Legal Team
Legal TeamTrademarks & Advisorylegal@bladebrains.com
Anuj Garg
Anuj GargFinance Directoraccounts@bladebrains.com
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It’s so difficult to go on when everything seems to fail, isn’t it?

About Us

7Digital Solutions® is an enterprise, engaged in providing international domain name registration services globally. All the domain extensions under one roof. We manage your domain name portfolio. We provide Services on TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) and Brand Monitoring Services. 7DS has a large portfolios of SSL certificates for providing security solutions online., Hosting Solutions on SSD based Servers, Security Solutions, IT Consulting, International Domain Name Registrations, Domain Name Acquisitions. Trustee Services and everything Domain Name on this Planet, is registered and enabled by 7DS for its clients.